Monday, May 11, 2020

It's National Etiquette Week!

Celebrate National Etiquette Week. . . Send a handwritten note to someone. Remember a time when you had pen-pals in another city, state or maybe country? You could barely wait to received your next letter from them. Or, remember you used to write a handwritten note to someone who gave you a gift or did something special for you? Maybe you simply sent a get-well card to a friend who was under the weather in hopes that it would help then feel better soon. Now it has all been replaced with the convenience of the superfast text message or some other choice social medium. Well, handwritten notes never go out of style and neither does ETIQUETTE!  

Mother's Day Painting

On Mother's Day I treated myself to an online painting class presented by Pinot's Palette. Due to the COVID19 stay home order, which has been seven weeks now, I've been looking for things to do at home to entertain myself. I have previously done two paintings with these instructor led classes. They are fairly easy, fun and rewarding! I think this painting of mine looks pretty close to the original. It's was a relaxing and enjoyable Mother's Day! I think I'll try the painting class again soon!  

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

May 5th is National Teachers Day!

The school teacher that had the most impact on my life while growing up was Miss Ruth Webb from Stowe Elementary School. She was my teacher for 4 years! No, I never failed a grade.  Miss Webb was my teacher for 1st, 4th, 7th and 8th grades. Imagine that! She was a wonderful teacher who I simply adored and admired. She later married and became Ruth Larson. Here's to you Mrs. Ruth Webb-Larson!  

My mom (the first teacher in my life) and my best friend were teachers by profession for years before they both retired. Even though I was never a classroom students of theirs, I still learned many wonderful lessons from both of them over many years. 

Thank you to all three of these women for being educations to many students and me as well. You are all amazing women! 

Thank you to all the teachers and educators everywhere! We respect and appreciate you!

May is National Civility Month. . . and it's for everyone!

Be respectful to each other. 
Be helpful 

Greet others - But for the time being, use social distancing!