Thursday, November 18, 2021

Dining Etiquette Tips for Thanksgiving

Wow! Thanksgiving Day is just one week away! Whether you are hosting the dinner or a dinner guest, here are some great etiquette tips to make sure your holiday goes well.  

·        Remember to RSVP. If you haven’t done so by now, do it!

·        If you are the only name on the invitation, don’t take a surprise guest with you? If you’re the host and someone brings a surprise guest, try to be gracious and accommodate.

·        As a guest, don’t arrive before the time on the invitation. As a host, if guests do arrive early, be prepared with cocktails and music to greet guests until you can complete your finishing touches.

·        Is it okay to ask guest to remove their shoes when the enter into your home? Not really, but if you must, provide clean footies or socks for the guest to wear.

·        When you receive a hostess gift, do you send a thank you note in return? It is not necessary as a hostess gift is a “Thank You” to the host. However, writing a thank you not is never inappropriate.

·        How do you handle COVID safety with guest you’ve invited to your party? Discussions and request for COVID safety should be handled prior to the event. The initial invitation should explain what is required of the attending guests.

·        Is it oaky to ask to take some leftovers home? As a guest, don’t ask, however, it the host offers it is okay to accept.  

·        The dinner is over and guests are not leaving. What should you do? Hopefully, your invite included a party start and end time. If not, have a parting gift (which is always a nice idea in itself) to offer to your guests as the party draws to an end. Pass out the gift to guests thanking them for coming. Hopefully guests will adhere to the subtle hint.