Friday, March 13, 2020

Social Distancing

Etiquette is the socially acceptable way of doing certain things so you won’t embarrass yourself or others. The term we’re hearing a lot now is “social distancing” which offers acceptable alternatives to the handshake and how we great others comfortably. Right now, with the so much information circulating about Covid-19 and its uncertainty we all should practice caution, but not fear. If you chose not to shake hands you can simply say: • “Currently, I’m going handshake free for everyone’s concern.” • You don’t want to allude that you or someone else may have germs. • Don’t be offended if someone declines to shake your hand, again you should want to practice caution. • This would be the same for the flu, pink eye or any contagion one might have. • Remain professional, be friendly, smile, maintain good eye contact.